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Dwyer, Spino and Goncalves is a general practice law firm with convenient locations in Newton Corner, downtown Boston, and Winchester. The Partners of the firm concentrate their practices in Real Estate conveyancing purchases and sales, Development of Residential Real Estate, General Business Law and Estate Planning and Administration. DSG Law prides itself in providing our clients with result-oriented legal advice at competitive fee structures.

John did an outstanding job on my closing. It was my first time going through the process and he took the time to answer every question I had to ensure I was comfortable. Whenever I called he was there. I can't say enough good things about this firm, extremely professional, insightful, with great customer service! Highly recommend!!!

Sandro J. Boston, MA

The entire team was friendly, professional and very helpful. They took care of all the details and explained each step to us in terms we could understand. When the realtors, bankers and other lawyers were panicking, they stayed calmed and helped us do so as well, while solving all the issues and making sure our sales went through on schedule and without a hitch.


John Spino has been my attorney for business activities, estate planning, and real estate. There is simply nobody I trust more to provide me with legal advice and services. Not only does John represent me, he has also done estate planning work for my closest family members. They referred him to their closest friends.


Patrick Dwyer is an exceptional attorney! He is knowledgeable, friendly and helps his clients understand the law. Although my experience is in real estate transactions, he does provide general practice services.


I recently worked with Adam Goncalves on the sale of my condo. He did an amazing job and made the process go extremely smoothly, which was a huge relief particularly since I live outside of Massachusetts. Adam is extremely knowledgeable, patient and responsive and I would definitely recommend him for real estate transactions.


As a recent first-time homebuyer, I was incredibly fortunate to have worked with Pat Dwyer on my closing. Pat's knowledge of real estate law is unparalleled, and he was most helpful in answering my seemingly endless questions regarding the process. I highly recommend Pat Dwyer to anyone in need of a real estate attorney in the greater Boston area.

Raj Kaur
David A. Conti
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Patrick F. DwyerFounding Partner

Patrick holds a B.A. from St. Bonaventure University (1993) and a Juris Doctorate from University of Massachusetts School of Law (1998).
Patrick concentrates his practice representing real estate developers, condominium development and associations, and all areas relating to residential real estate and condominium purchases and sales. He maintains extensive real estate brokerage and lending relationships to assure a virtually seamless closing process for clients. Patrick is frequently invited to speak at “first-time” buyer programs and other educational real estate forums.
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Buying your first home? Selling your third? Looking into your first condominium or “cooperative” purchase? DSG brings to the table decades of experience and negotiation skills for each of these circumstances. Our broad experience ensures the most seamless completion of any deal, be it straight forward or highly complex – as in the cases of new construction, new condominium development or purchases involving water and air rights and like regulated uses. In today’s fast-paced real estate environment, you can count on our team to achieve your objectives and provide strategic legal guidance at competitive rates.

A core part of DSG’s practice involves counseling our clients on all aspects of real estate development and condominium conversions. Our significant and long-standing relationships with developers, lenders, investors, architects, engineers, title insurers and other vital players in the development arena help us provide the legal acumen that sets us apart from other firms. Whether you are developing a single family home, a two unit condominium or a multi-phase mixed use project, DSG will be an invaluable component of your development team. Our relationships with City and Town leaders and agencies, along with our comprehensive understanding of land, property and condominium law, assists our Clients in getting prompt reliable answers. We strive to save our clients time, money, and potentially costly missteps in the overall development process.

At DSG, we offer a full range of Estate Planning services. Whether you need a simple Will or a full estate plan with trusts, proxies and powers of attorney, we have the experience and sensitivity to help. We have over fifteen years of estate planning experience to assist with your particularized needs. In addition to understanding the legal formalities and the tax ramifications of proper planning, we understand that each Estate Plan is a personal process and needs to be handled with a personal touch. Whether you are a new and growing family or have a more complex situation, our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to get the job done correctly in order to avoid problematic situations amongst family members and others.

Let our Firm’s experienced team of Attorneys and Paralegals assist you and your family at what is often a difficult and confusing time at the loss of a loved one. DSG probates estates and administers them throughout Massachusetts courts, and has a working relationship with various professionals in the tax and finance realms to help administer any estate in a cost effective and sensitive manner.

DSG can also assist in the creation and administration of family Trusts and other type sophisticated wealth preservation choices. Our attorneys have experience dealing with tax ramifications resulting from estate planning, trustee responsibilities in connection with trust operations, and like fiduciary requirements. This experience and know how allows DSG to provide unmatched services at reasonable and appropriate rates.

Whether you need to protect a loved one or his or her assets, we can help. DSG has extensive experience addressing the needs of those individuals that need to be placed under Guardianship or Conservatorship. From filing for a petition to appoint a Guardian or Conservator to working with the Petitioner to collect and manage the assets towards preparation of the final accounting, let our Firm’s experienced team assist you through the often complex workings of the Probate Court.

Becoming a family? Adding someone to your existing family? Our Attorneys have a wealth of experience with Massachusetts adoptions and surrogacy proceedings. We can assist with all aspects of the Adoption process and guide you in the event you are considering, or undergoing surrogacy arrangements.

DSG provides effective advice to our clients related to the choice of business entity they should use for a particular project or venture. From a single member LLC to a complex Corporation with multiple shareholders, stock types, stock distribution methods and other complex matters, DSG has the experience to assist in drafting reliable and complete documents. DSG’s services also go beyond the business “basics” for our clients, and we provide advice and counsel as to other closely related matters including: employment contracts, non-compete and non-disclosure arrangements, wage and hour disputes, and similar employment related proceedings.

DSG has specific experience in the restaurant and hospitality arena. This highly competitive and presently burgeoning business involves many of the areas of our core concentration, including choice of startup entity, investor / lender relations, employment matters, leasing and property issues, and licensing and permitting matters. Whether you are operating or thinking of starting your first eatery, or you already own number of restaurant establishments, DSG can provide invaluable guidance with respect to the day to day legal and operational issues your business may face, and help you achieve your restaurant business goals.

Invariably, no matter how well one runs their business, or conducts their personal lives, a “lawsuit” may be on the horizon.  Whether you are sued, or need to sue someone to redress a wrong, DSG’s team has the experience to handle most all types of litigation in the various courts of the Commonwealth or before other administrative authorities. DSG’s counsel has decades of experience,  and we pride ourselves in providing practical advice to avoid litigation when possible, but if necessary, we possess the court room and negotiation skills necessary to maximize our client’s litigation objectives. 

Although DSG does not practice in every area of the law on a day to day basis, through our professional experience and vast contact network, we can guide our valued clients to the best possible attorneys for their immediate needs. We place our clients with those who we believe to be the most competent, experienced and trusted counsel that we have either used, or had prior experience with, to ensure the very best of personalized service and positive end-result for our valued clients.

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